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Orean Place by Alveo Land is considered as one of the best new projects from Alveo Land within Metro Manila. Aside from its ideal location within Quezon City, Orean Place is packed with a full range of facilities and amenities that suit your modern lifestyle. You will be able to use any of these facilities and enjoy modern conveniences that only condo living could offer.

First and foremost, the entire condominium tower is kept secure and safe with fully armed security personnel. The roving security guards are therefore designated to monitor the hallways and key common areas within the building. There are also CCTV cameras installed on strategic areas to ensure that every activity is monitored. Aside from the roving guards and CCTV system, Orean Place will have its own dedicated property management team. Their sole responsibility is to maintain all of the facilities and amenities within the building to keep them in good condition for the unit owners to use.

Orean Place will also have its own swimming pool so you can relax and enjoy idle time in. There are two types of pools available such as the adult’s lap pool and a kid’s pool. Both of these pools are open any time for unit owners to use. Hence, you can relax and enjoy your time pool side or via the pool deck. There is also a lawn deck next to the pool, which helps to render a relaxing atmosphere.

Speaking of a relaxing atmosphere, there are landscaped lawns throughout this condominium. The addition of a green space brings about a homey ambiance to this condominium. The addition of open and green spaces is a new standard for modern condominiums, especially those located in a highly urbanized area such as Quezon City.

If you need to do some shopping, you can also find a retail area within the condominium building. Since this retail and commercial area is located within the building, this makes it highly convenient for unit owners to do their shopping. You do not have to step out of the building in order to do your shopping. It saves you time and stress from having to deal with traffic and the stressful chaos of city living.

Aside from the swimming pool for kids, there is also an outdoor play area. This amenity is a plus for families with young children who are planning to buy a unit at Orean Place. This outdoor play area is filled with open spaces and playground essentials for your child’s enjoyment. Meanwhile, the fitness center and gym is a playground for the adults, particularly the active individuals. This fitness center is equipped with all of the workout and cardio machines that will enable you to fulfill your active lifestyle and your quest to stay fit. It is convenient and practical, too, as you can save on your gym membership fees.

Lastly, Orean Place also features its own function room. This is available for any unit owner to use for business or personal use. It can also be used as a venue for conferences or business meetings.

  • Pool Deck
  • Lawn Deck
  • Adult's Pool
  • Lap Pool
  • Kids Pool
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Retail Area
  • Fitness Gym
  • Function Room
  • Plain Lawn
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